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We inspire leaders to leverage their body intelligence as a management tool.

We create frameworks for change.

Welcome to COR By HeartWorkers Community!


The Heart intelligence is...

A state of consciousness that is characterized by compassion, love & joy and that recognizes that everything is linked through language, emotions and body. It happens every time the ego fades away to welcome the reality of the being in its wholeness, applying a heart first thinking approach. 


The intelligence of the heart can be observed in many ways, such as: 

   * Our capacity for empathy, benevolence for oneself, others and the earth. 

   * Our ability to feel and understand the information and needs hidden behind our emotions.

   * Our ability to communicate and express our needs and truths with empathy and compassion. 

   * Our ability to adapt to change with a thirst for learning & inner-growth.


The intelligence of the heart is a powerful mindset for conflict resolution.

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Make Heart Intelligence accessible to all. Reconnect people with their inner-reactions to transform triggers into glimmers


Coaches, entrepreneurs & design-thinkers committed to enhancing the quality of our relationships with others, ourselves & the world


Learn by FEELING. Creating comfortable conditions for uncomfortable situations.


"This program has enriched
my relationships and helped me infuse conversations with thoughtfulness & empathy I didn’t think I was capable of.”

Courtney B

"Elodie and Aurélie are both exceptionally professional, generous

 and very complementary. The training, which cleverly alternates theory and practice, allows you to acquire tools to learn to know yourself, and find within you the strength & resources necessary for your personal fulfillment." 

Jessica F

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Albert Einstein

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Our Values


The way we learn, communicate and share information so people are excited to better understand who they are & how to collaborate individually & collectively.


Your next step a no brainer.
Clarify your most pressing need & apply your energy & focus creating the conditions for you to receive your answer.


Each other see what we can and cannot see. Forget about the best version of yourself, create the best conditions to be YOU. 

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