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Web-version launch of the self-coaching app


First B2B contracts signed. Embodiment learning is requested by fastest growing brands from technology, consulting & creative industries. 

Heartworkers LLC becomes COR By HeartWorkers. COR is the Latin word for Heart. In one of its earliest forms, the word courage meant “To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.”


First B2C clients - First online workshops


Antelope Canyon - Creation of the company: The HeartWorkers


Elodie & Aurélie meet in Los Angeles at an art gallery and start to collaborate the next day. Since then, they have written a children's book, they have designed women empowerment workshops and built Embodiment online courses.


On a mission to improve the emotional health of 10 million people 

in organizations worldwide


Presence & Embodiment Leadership Coach

8 Years of 1-1 Embodiment Coaching: 100+ Clients

Entrepreneur Background @Attias Group, MBA Sda Bocconi

ICF Accredited Newfield Network Coach

Certified Restorative Yoga & SoundBath Practitioner & Intuitive Coach 

Trained in Embodied Transformation & Neuroscience by the Founders of Somatic Coaching

Abilities to access Higher Consciousness through Automatic Writing & Aura Painting Session


Change Framework Architect | Innovation Coach

Digital disrupter @P&G, @Clarins

Education innovator @Green Dot Public Schools

Impact leader in underserved communities

Trained on Reiki, Non Violent Communication & the Quantum Human


In 2018, the 2 fearless women create innovative workshops for people to learn how to decode their emotions, to express their needs and connect to their intuition. They call their brand: The HeartWorkers. This is a side project that grows faster than expected. After each workshop, clients are asking for more ways to learn how to develop relationship & embodiment skills. One goal: increase the collaboration skills by leveraging the body as a management tool. 

In 2023, The HeartWorkers became NOOSENS  and the founders decided to build a self-coaching app for leaders to learn how to transform their biases into relational opportunities. Learn embodiment through audio practices personalized to your needs. Map your emotions, sensations and stories and connect them to your needs. Decipher your inner-body map to create a more balanced YOU.


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