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Free Yourself To Be You

Online Course | On-Demand

We have created step by step material for you to unlock your inner-power: 

  1. Download the heartbook for all modules. Make it your own. You can copy the document as a google doc. And annotate each exercise. Make it your freedom journal. 

  2. Watch the founders step by step videos to access information about each step of the process.

  3. Take a notebook to write down the questions or the crazy ideas that may come while learning. 



Please note this program is fully home-made. It is an appetizer to The Heartworkers live courses. 

There is only one authentic YOU.
When you’re in alignment with your spirit, your heart, your body and your mind, you can step into your authentic zone and express your divine purpose. Are you ready to awaken to your own truth?

The HeartWorkers: Elodie & Aurélie are certified coaches and educators who have designed courses inspired by ontological coaching, sound healing, Emotional Freedom Technique & nonviolent communication. All courses are made of real life stories, group practices, healing tools, guided visualizations, meditations, breath-work and conscious dance... A constant mix of rational & heart thinking.

Find out more about the Founders>

Sign-up for the 4-week online program:

  • The art of observing

  • The power of empathy

  • The language of emotions & needs

  • The conditions to express your authentic nature efficiently

  • The path to access freedom & choice 

Value 397$


The art of creating an invisible distance with any situation to welcome what is without judging


A respectful feeling of your own emotions (all of them) and what others are experiencing


The translation of your emotions into needs that are met and needs that are asking for intention


A framework to maximize the expression & reception of your honest thoughts & needs

When you make your heart your priority, you can show up to yourself and others intentionally,

you can overcome challenges with less pain, you can relate with others efficiently. 

Are you ready to free yourself from reactivity?

In English

In November

4-Week Online Course


  • November 3rd 

  • November 10th

  • November 17th

  • December 1st

5 p.m to 7pm PST

8 p.m. to 10 p.m. EST

8 hours Live Sessions with Elodie & Aurélie

We can't wait to connect with you!



Julien C.

"Unique & extremely enriching!

This course offers a different outlook on life. A positive, generous & compassionate one.


I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see life more clearly and is ready to open up to themselves, to others and to the world in general. 

Jessica F.

"Very clever alternance between theory and practice! This course allows you to acquire tools to learn to know yourself, but also to find within yourself and not outside the strength and resources necessary for your personal fulfillment.


When you leave the course, you will be carried away by a surge of compassion for yourself, and therefore for others!"

Courtney B.

"This course has enriched my relationships and helped me infuse conversations with thoughtfulness and empathy. As tough situations arise, we always have a choice in the way in which we will react. more often than not, our default mode of reaction leads us astray in these difficult moments, though we have a choice. The HeartWorkers provides priceless insights which I put to immediate use even after our first session together!"

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 3.05.36 PM.png

This course is for you,

if you care to...

Grow stronger ​

Stop reacting & be intentional

Connect with your deep inner joy

Learn from your emotions

Reach a higher level of potential

Experience your best life daily

Feel empowered by your choices

Leverage a heart first thinking approach

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