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No Emotions Left Behind


We are coaches, educators, agents of change & design-thinkers. We are also friends & families committed to enhancing the quality of humans’ relationships with oneself, others and the planet. We make vulnerability a critical leadership skill with very high-leverage. We teach leaders how to leverage their body as a management tool. We create frameworks for sustainable change, in complete balance & harmony. 


What is your mission?


HEAL your mind by FEELING your body. 

Learn how to leverage your body intelligence, by making sense of your feeling-sense by yourself, with others, and towards United Nations' 17 sustainable goals. 

What are your GOALS?

  • BALANCE: Make a huge step beyond the intellect and into the heart towards mental peace. 

  • EVOLUTION: Develop our body intelligence so that we can make better judgements for ourselves & others, on-demand.

  • RESPONSIBILITY: Stop escaping the suffering, only our hearts can heal. Faster together.

  • COLLABORATION: Inspire people out of the codependent victim patterns with themselves.

  • SCIENTIFIC DEMONSTRATION: Prove that emotions, sensations and stories are the new management tools for growth mindset leaders.  

What are your Values?

  • Collaboration instead of competition: The collective is being led itself towards a cause

  • A Greater Cause: No more self-interest

  • High Integrity: Complete obliteration of ego-construct

  • Radical Inclusion: No one is better or more evolved 

  • Heart-first thinking: We are all whole, complete, resourceful 

  • One And Only: You are the most precious unique being (and everyone else) 


What are your Collaborative norms?

  • Accept & Choose & Re-choose who you are, on a daily basis in order to grow 

  • Create the conditions for you to feel safe and vulnerable alone & with your team

  • Allow your personal resistance to challenge the norm in place 

  • Trust that learning requires personal efforts highly rewarded

  • Give unconditionally to yourself to receive what you need

  • Bring a full presence at all times OR reconnect later 

  • Signal when you see an opportunity to grow for yourself & others

What are COR By HeartWorkers Working Principles? 


  • Differences are opportunities to learn 

  • Learning is fun AND challenging


  • Information comes from mind-body-senses 

  • Visualizing is the first part of manifesting  


  • Wherever you are in the process is exactly where you need to be

  • Time is your biggest ally  


Why is Time precious for you?


It seems that we are freshly ready to stop ignoring the energetic misalignments we create at an individual level, every time we ignore our judgements, our emotions and our body sensations. The problem is that we don't know what to do with this LOADED information. Join the test here> 

How would you define yourself as founders?


Authentic, passionate, lifelong learners. Today we leverage the power of our collaboration to learn, grow and impact faster together towards a common cause: enhancing the quality of our relationships with oneself, others and the world.  

What would you like others to say about you?


COR By HeartWorkers made me learn a new language! My body language, free and accessible on-demand. Now I know how to use empathy towards high-quality collaboration & decision-making. And because I know how to recognize my needs, I am not scared of my feelings anymore. 

With whom would you like to collaborate?


We collaborate with ethical companies, committed to creating the conditions for optimal collaboration and actively engaged in serving 1 of the 17 UN Global Goals

What are you building?


COR By HeartWorkers build self-coaching solutions to create change from within. We help collaborators self-assess their relational skills, so that they change perception and continue that same relationship from a different angle. A place with higher freedom, creativity & productivity. We design solutions for all levels of management so that ALL employees are given the chance to decode their feeling-sense in a safe & immersive environment. All learning experiences are designed to help you create from a place of equilibrium. 

Why do you call yourself COR BY HeartWorkers?


What we all need to share right now is Courage. COR is the latin root for courage and the Latin word for heart. In one of its earliest forms, the word courage meant “to speak one's mind by telling all one's heart.” Courage and Heart are 2 endless resources at our disposal. We care to unleash their power every day to create the conditions for optimal collective intelligence at an individual level, at a company level, at a global level. Get In touch>

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