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Updated: Oct 7, 2021

We (Aurélie & Elodie) are currently working on our business plan. We are not done yet, but we are excited to share what is emerging through this work.

We hear about business plans all the time but we don’t hear about leadership plans. And for us, this is a number one need.

  • Business plan goal: convincing mathematically & scientifically that one business can generate tons of money rapidly.

  • Leadership plan goal: convincing that co-existing unconditionally towards one common goal can generate all information & action needed to reach the expected goal.

  • Our theory: If a group is fully committed to a cause with clear shared intention, all information needed is received by the group to generate expected outcomes.

  • Conditions for success: 100% alignment on the vision & the detailed plan at all times. Otherwise, our ego gets in the way and prevents individuals from accessing life-changing information. It is collective intelligence in absolute value.

If you think this sounds all marvelous & quite unrealistic, trust your instinct. In the current state of our relationships, at home, at work or at a more global institutional level, this theory cannot be tested, because our current norms for co-existence are too hard to break. And power games are not that bad… Yes they are! Anyway, that’s why at HeartWorkers, we are making it a goal: growth through unconditional co-existence. If you imagine our recruitment process being intense… As always, trust your instinct.

The HeartWorkers Leadership Principles:

  1. Choose & re-choose your work daily & the way you work, in order to grow from a safe place zone.

  2. Allow differences to be celebrated as untapped learning opportunities.

  3. Trust that learning requires personal efforts highly rewarded.

  4. Give unconditionally to receive the information needed to generate the expected results.

  5. Bring a full presence at all times and allow for others to do the same.

  6. Signal when you see an opportunity to grow for yourself & others.

  7. Connect with the group with the will to keep a curious mind and an open heart.

  8. Disconnect from the group when you know you’re not able to respect the above principles & use this time for self reflection or individual work.

Until The HeartWorkers lab grows... We (Elodie & Aurélie) are the mice proving the life-changing impact of unconditional co-existence on someone's life path. Researching the criteria for success is a full time job. We are never stopping the experiment and it is challenging, enlightening, and expanding at the same time. Our 2 magic words for it are: equilibrium and continuum. They define the space in which we co-create with the unique intention to merge our 2 energies fully. It is the core reason why we are creating The HeartWorkers: to learn how to co-exist unconditionally with ourselves & others, at a family level & at a community level... And that’s why:

  • Our leadership plan is: unconditional co-existence in relationships.

  • And our Business plan is: scaling our leadership plan.

If we learn how to co-exist unconditionally, wouldn’t we be able to share the formula with you? Wouldn’t that be nice? Less power games & infinite access to collective intelligence.

We need your help to activate this shift. We need your energy to create & grow. Please take 30 seconds now, tell us what leadership looks like for you. Answer the question: What are you looking for in women leadership?

At HeartWorkers, we see:

  • Co-existence vs. Resistance

  • Asset vs. Difference

  • Intention vs. Constraint

  • Alchemy vs. Duality

  • Joy vs. Fear

  • ...

We are inspired by all the women who are showing us the way, and humbly we’d like all women to feel empowered to join forces. Because co-existing as never been as liberating, transcending and infinitely promising for us & the generation to come. Answer the question of the month: What are you looking for in women leadership?

Lead with heart.

The HeartWorkers

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