Aurélie Brisac Co-Founder of The HeartWorkers

Dear Community,

This message is for you, please take the time to read it. You may know me as a digital marketer, an international trainer, a business school alumni or a change maker for the public school system (side note: I’m still 100% involved in innovation at Green Dot, and see those 2 active projects as complimentary).

Be ready to meet me as the co-founder of The HeartWorkers: a life coaching organization that helps every member of a company, a family or a group of people to be more intentional about their positioning, so they can bring the best of their talent to their community every day.


  • By expressing their true authentic self efficiently

  • By transforming their reactions into actions

  • By leading impactful results with their heart opened

My business partner Elodie Attias and I met in 2015, in Los Angeles. Since then, we trained ourselves on career mapping, intuitive coaching, sound healing, restorative yoga, visualisation, reiki, emotional freedom technique and we are currently focusing our professional development on ontological coaching & nonviolent communication.

Over the last 6 years, we have learnt & designed healing tools to fulfill the various needs we all have at different moments of our lives. We have strategically assembled those tools to create life-changing online courses for you.

  • The format? A 4-week engagement: 2 hours a week of hands-on practice, rational pedagogy, heart intelligence and group sharing mix. Available in french & english.

  • The goal? Stop accepting what you shouldn’t accept for yourself and others. Reinvent the growth version of yourself every day, with joy and intention.

  • The target? Everyone who wants to change some elements of their life or their self-being in order to generate coherence between their inner & outer reality.

  • The only requirement? Bring your curious self to the group.

  • 2 courses are available starting at the end of August. Spaces are limited so reserve your spot now.

Free Yourself To Be You Course:

If you’re unsatisfied or uncomfortable with the way you sometimes react to people...

Learn how to free yourself from reactivity & access freedom in 4 simple steps:

* Observation

* Empathy

* Information (life-changing)

* Truth

Intuition & Manifestation Course:

If you're uncomfortable with change and hungry for clarity on your life’s direction...

Learn how to develop your self-confidence to manifest your goals:

* Intention

* Intuition

* Visualisation

* Manifestation

The HeartWorkers brand officially launched last Thursday, July 8th 2021. Find our more information about the launch party here.

If you’re curious and want to know more about the HeartWorkers, Request a free appointment or send us an email.

Looking forward to connecting!

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