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Updated: Aug 31

When Haruki Murakami, in '1Q84' writes: “You can have tons of talent, but it won't necessarily keep you fed. If you have sharp instincts, you'll never go hungry.” He makes us float in a bath of possibilities, gently massaging all the cells of our body with hope & delicacy. He doesn’t explain, but he points the way, exactly how intuition lights up the path. All of us have experienced this flow of life, this space at the intersection of freedom & power. Through meditation, games, sport or spiritual practices, we know what it feels like to be connected to our intuition and receive precious insights.

First, let's observe what happens when we are NOT connected to our intuition.

It may look like the stressed version of ourselves. For very good internal or external factors, we are experiencing a misalignment between our spirit, mind & body. We may be listening to our inner-critic sabotaging our plans and asking us to conform with the external world around us. We may be running around without a break, without creating any space for ourselves to rest & recharge & allow new thoughts to come. Whatever we are doing or telling ourselves is preventing us from being in the present moment and acting in the most appropriate and valuable way for us.

For example, if we have a hard time:

  • Making a decision

  • Finding meaning in our daily life

  • Creating the person we want to be day after day

  • Honoring our heart more than our mind

...we are resisting our flow and missing out on the opportunity to dance with our own life. We are telling ourselves that we have good reasons or good excuses for this situation to be hard, to be unclear, to be uncomfortable. We align with the frequency of victimhood, disengaging with our empowering responsibility. We let our beliefs systems, and self-judgements take over our decisions. So, are we truly helping ourselves?

Now, let's observe what happens when we ARE connected to our intuition.

We are floating in clear waters. We are enthusiastic. We feel free & we feel strong. We are aware of the situation & our own limits. We are not scared by what's to come, we are excited by our visions and the opportunities. As hard as life can be, it is simply less hard when we are connected to our intuitive self because we experience trust in self and faith in the unknown of life. As Naval Ravikant likes to say, it leaves us with only 3 big choices for any situations: “Accept - Change or Leave.”

When a situation is uncomfortable, we may decide to create new conditions to change the outcome. We may decide to leave the situation when it’s too hard to change or too uncomfortable to accept. And when we don’t want to leave or change the situation, we may simply accept it, and stop wasting energy by judging what we are having a hard time accepting. Choosing consciously is only difficult when we are not connected to our intuition. But when we are fully engaged with our inner-power, making a decision becomes purely liberating.

In the list below, pick the attributes that are instant drivers of your intuition.

I would like to connect to my intuition to:

  • Feel safe at all times

  • Love the unknown

  • Practice faith

  • Trust that I am never alone

  • Remember that I was born to implement new visions, to create a new Earth, to generate improvements as a little soldier in the vast universe

  • Remember that I can access clarity when necessary

  • Experience fully the feeling of bliss on Earth and the beauty of human life experience.

Credit: Alexandr Milov

Now, Let’s practice.

Letter from a mother:


I can see you’re struggling with your power, not knowing what to do with your inner thoughts. I can see that your well-built limitations and judgements are burdening you. And I can see that you try to hide them, when they get too uncomfortable… When those difficult events show-up again, can you please remember to ask for help from your inner-child? She or he will connect you to your intuitive self & creative power & guide you towards your fulfilled needs.

From latin root:

  • IN: inside

  • TUI: flow

  • TIO: towards the exterior

Your intuition is the doorway to good judgement & good decision-making for your life path. It is also the doorway to release limitations that prevent you from evolving.

Imagine a big mass of light, or high frequency at your disposal in the universe. This light is love & information traveling through your body. One day you are attached to it and another day you are separated from it. Yet, the separation is a complete illusion because it flows through you at all times, this light is your intuition, your connection to your Conscious Self.

To access your intuition, you may connect to your inner-child. A unique key made just for you to open the door to your inner-light. It is your most powerful superpower that gives you clarity at all times. It is bigger than yourself but only you can access it. Your inner-child can be given the name you want. Pick a word that resonates with your heart, a name that generates comfort & power at the same time. A name you are excited to bring to life for your own very personal journey. No one needs to know the name you’re using, but everyone knows once you have a special relationship with your inner-child, because you glow at all times! Our inner-child’s name is Mu, what's yours?

Your inner-child goal is to decipher energy into highly relevant insights MADE FOR YOU. This fire, this juice, this energy that navigates through your body is filled with energetic components that carry messages for your heart. In other words, your inner-child is the messenger, the voice of your intuition.

Your inner-child is also an alchemist. It can bring light to any energy blockage you’re experiencing so you can feel lighter and feel the vastness of your being, the emptiness within you, the infinite possibilities and knowledge that you carry within. By sending love to those thoughts, by recognizing & honoring your shadows, you will be able to dissolve them. Practice welcoming what is. Sometimes you feel tingles, goosebumps or truth bumps, heat or cold... we all have different styles of manifestation to match our highly personalized receptors and we owe to ourselves to learn what our intuition channel feels like, because it is the pathway to life energy.

Practice connecting to your intuition, pick a habit below & journal for one month:

  • I Schedule 30 minutes a day of pure play

  • I attune to five elements of nature and use all of my senses to feel the energy around those elements.

  • I welcome my inner-critic & acknowledge all voices in my head.

  • I recognize that this intense feeling going through my body is the signal of a highly relevant insight I want to uncover.

  • I observe & accept & feel my emotion fully, powering through my body, without resistance.

  • I empty and silence my mind so I can receive messages from my intuition.

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