How To Be Grateful

Updated: May 14, 2021

Sit with a straight spine, relax your shoulders. Rest your hands on your knees. Take this time to connect with your own body. Feel your breath as it flows into your nose, as it moves into your throat, your chest, your belly.

Gratitude is a healing tool. It can give meaning to each moment of our life. Pause your attention on the first seconds of awakening in the morning. Connect with this feeling of being alive. Can you feel that pleasure of traveling from your dreams at night to our visible world during the day? Could that be a first reason to be grateful in the morning? Being alive...

Now think of the hot water of your shower flowing on top of your skin waking up every muscle and every cell of your body, gently and warmly. Think of the glass of water or the mug of coffee going through your mouth first thing in the morning. Feel how it awakens your sense of taste, how it gives an indication to your body that the day has just started and that it is full of promises. Later on, can you look at that moment when you connect with a friend or a colleague with whom you feel heard and seen. Breathe through this moment of deep connection and allow your emotional state to be grateful for this experience.

If you are going through a difficult time right now, connecting to those simple satisfying moments of life is your best bet to return to kindness and appreciation of life. Look for those simple moments of bliss and take a minute to recognize them throughout your day…..

Now place your attention on 3 persons you are grateful for….. Thank them for what they bring to your life. Express your gratitude with simple words. Don’t try to flatter them, instead connect with your heart and tell them how you feel.

Now let’s repeat 3 times in your mind today’s affirmation: ‘I am grateful for my life’, ‘I am grateful for my life’, ‘I am grateful for my life’

May Peace grow as Seeds in our Heart.

The HeartWorkers.

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