How To Choose The Path Of Love

Sit with a straight spine, relax your shoulders. Rest your hands on your knees. Take this time to connect with your own body.

Without trying to change anything, welcome all the sensations and emotions that are present in your body and your mind right now…… Don’t judge anything, just observe.

Every day you have to make so many choices that influence the outcome of all areas of your lives. You have the choice to lead your decisions with fears or face the options with love, faith and confidence.

Fear makes us settle for what we don’t want, jobs we don’t like, and relationships that disempower us. However making decisions from love and inner-knowing brings us more joy, more self-esteem, and more growth.

Of course it is not easy, it takes discipline, reflections, sense of observation but the more silence you will bring into your life, the easier it will be and the more clarity you will get when you are about to make a decision.

Take the time now to think of a difficult decision you have to make…. Silence your mind and ask yourself:

Am I afraid of something ? Don’t judge yourself. Face your worst-case scenario now if you decide to make that decision, face all your fears....

Now that you imagined the worst case scenario, you can imagine the alternative what will I gain if everything works out? What will I feel in my heart?

Connect with your heart now, listen to it and pick the option that makes you feel more in peace, true to yourself, joyful.

Now let’s repeat 3 times in your mind today’s affirmation: ‘I choose the path of love’ ‘I choose the path of love, 'I choose the path of love'.

May Peace grow as Seeds in our Heart.

The HeartWorkers.

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