How To Detach from Our Emotions

Updated: May 14, 2021

Not everything, not every decision comes naturally. Not every moment is an epiphany. We often go through storms, discomfort before we see the light. Human nature can be lazy, deep down we would be happy if we had the answers right away without any effort. But discomfort gives us no choice but looking to bring back comfort and harmony for ourselves. When you feel triggered, you want to do everything possible to restore a feeling of peace in your life. So everything is perfection. Uncomfortable situations are wake up calls, are the path to discoveries, to new solutions for your world and the world around you. Discomfort gives us the fuel to find solutions, to look for the seeds of personal growth within challenging life moments.

So when you are triggered, stop, detach yourself from the storm and try to force a smile, to laugh at yourself by asking yourself:

Ok what do I need to learn this time? What did I do to create what is happening now? What do I need to discover now? Let’s do it, let’s dig. The more responsible for your actions you are, the quicker the solutions and the meaning will come to you. And only then can you adjust your reality and overcome the storm.

Human beings are the only creatures that really laugh so isn’t it for a reason? Humor raises your energy level. Humor is a precious tool at our disposal to help us in difficult situations to make us feel lighter and find clarity.

If you can laugh at yourself, you practice detachment and you can forgive yourself more easily. If you can forgive yourself, you can forgive others too. Laughter brings light and comfort, two treasures in periods of pain and sadness. We need your laughter. It’s healing. It’s unifying. It opens your mind and your heart.

Now start accepting all the parts of yourself, start smiling at one of your personality traits you tend to be most bothered by, start imagining you laughing at it. It’s not easy but give it a try. If you can tap into humor, if you can laugh in the middle of chaos, it can help you survive and heal more quickly. We often judge in others that we most dislike within ourselves.

By being a light with ourselves we will find that we can be a light to others.

May Peace grow as Seeds in our Heart.

The HeartWorkers.

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