How To Bring Back Alignment And Raise Your Energy?

NATURE inspires us everyday. A Sunflower puts itself in position to directly receive the sun's gaze. It symbolizes faith and the desire for the ability to seek enlightenment and TRUTH.

To have faith is to be certain of the things we cannot see, it is to be certain that a bigger force is helping us at every moment, ready to co-create with us if we are willing to do the work too.

Doing the work is focusing on going within, raising our vibration/energy/frequency and shifting our perspective so we can direct our new powerful energy towards ACTIONS, INITIATIVES, CAUSES, PEOPLE that desperately NEED this new powerful ENERGY.

We are currently forced into uncertainty but having faith means remembering that WE are A SURE THING, WE are always CERTAINTY. Our breath at each moment is CERTAIN. Being able to come back to the present moment is CERTAIN. Being capable at any instant to raise our vibration and to take action accordingly Is CERTAIN. Being able to be guided by LOVE and not FEAR is also CERTAIN.

Let’s not use the uncertainty and the fear as excuses not to act. Have uncertainty and fears prevent you from taking actions or not?

Today let’s put your focus on the feeling of safety/certainty that is always within you and it will allow you to move more easily through your current reality, towards TRUTH, CLARITY and STEADINESS.

The sunflower trusts the sun and lets itself guided by it with faith. Do the same. Trust yourself, trust you are certain and let yourself guided by the version of you who vibrates a high energy.


Create your OWN toolbox that can shift your vibration and raise your energy… identify your own tools that you know can switch your energy easily, tools that have always helped you in the past in tough situations. Was it a heart to heart conversation with your best friend, making jokes, a meditation, an epsom salt bath, having an intimate relationship, connection with nature, energy cleansing, rituals, circle, prayer, yoga….. Take some time to think of the right tools for you.

To help you get out of a difficult situation that is blocking you, have the courage to open your toolbox to transform your energy. Everything depends on you and nobody else. You are responsible for your life, dare to get better, dare to choose happiness, dare to move forward even if it requires discipline and efforts that may seem very hard. You are a powerful CREATOR. Always keep it in mind.

May Peace Grow As Seeds in Your Heart

The HeartWorkers

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