How to Silence Your Mind

Updated: May 14, 2021

Sit with a straight spine, relax your shoulders. Rest your hands on your knees. Take this time to connect with your own body.

Without trying to change anything, welcome all the sensations and emotions that are present in your body and your mind right now…… Don’t judge anything, just observe.

Turn your attention now to your breath and on your own …...take a few deep breaths to let yourself relax. Now make no attempt to control anything. Simply observe your breath as it flows in and out ....Naturally.

Feel your breath as it flows into your nose, as it moves into your throat, your chest, your belly.

Stillness, peace, relaxation may sound utopian but deep down it’s what we all long for.

Meditation is a precious tool that leads to a calm mind and a feeling of safety. At any moment of the day, you can come back to that feeling of stillness even if it’s been covered by fear, sadness, anger, frustration. When we experience stillness, we enjoy it, our heart is open and our immune system grows stronger.

Stillness also leads to wise decisions, to clarity. The things in our life that limit us were often created because our mind was busy, agitated, scared.

Think now of a situation from the past, more precisely think of a reaction you had too quickly in the past because you acted upon an emotion without pausing, without taking the time to breathe slowly. What happened? What did it cause to you and to the other person involved? Remember that specific situation, feel the emotions you felt at that moment, feel it in your body ……………………. Don’t judge the past, be gentle with yourself. Forgive yourself for what happened ……….and from now on, know that at any time of the day, you have the opportunity to bring back silence and stillness into your life so you can calm down the winds of your mind before making any decision or taking any action.

At any time of the day, we can look within and discover deep down our calm true self that rests beneath the agitation. A calm mind is a powerful mind, an intuitive mind, a creative mind.

Inhale stillness and Exhale worries

Inhale silence and Exhale chatter

Inhale comfort and exhale discomfort

Now let’s repeat 3 times in your mind today’s affirmation: ‘I silence my mind’ ‘I silence my mind’, ‘I silence my mind‘.

May Peace grow as Seeds in our Heart.

The HeartWorkers.

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