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I Observe My Emotions

Updated: May 14, 2021

We learn lessons by falling down and getting up again. This is how we come to our joy: by learning. But very often we are too busy judging our emotions, believing our feelings define who we are. They don’t. It has nothing to do with who we truly are. Observing those emotions help you detach yourself from them. Observing your emotions is not hurting yourself anymore, observing is the path to self-love and awareness.

When you have a strong emotion, ask yourself what is happening in your heart? In your body? In your mind?

When you do it, notice your capacity to observe and be proud of yourself. It is a great accomplishment. This observing side of you does not suffer. It cannot. This side of you knows that your emotions are temporary states and not permanent.

Everything is movement and everything has its place because everything is a learning experience, everything is part of your flow, even those thoughts, emotions and other things that seem to be out of the flow.

Observe now in silence all the thoughts and emotions you had since you started reading this article.