The HeartWorkers Launch Party

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

The sky is blue and it feels like summer just started. We are meeting after work at 6pm for the Heart Party Event at Spring Place, Beverly Hills. It’s been a year since we have gathered with a group of unknown people. And it’s been the same time since we have appreciated a rooftop sunset, with a cocktail in our hand.

“Choosing your moment” is certainly good advice we receive in business school. July 8th, 2021 was the time The HeartWorkers chose to launch the essence of their brand to life. A life coaching organization that helps every member of a company, a family or a group of people to be more intentional about their positioning, so they can bring the best of their talent to their community.

“Reaching for your community first” is the strategy The HeartWorkers picked for their launch event. The crowd was intimate: their first circle of friends, the ones based in LA. What I heard was that the founders wanted to express their vision to their closed-ones first, before sharing it with the world.

So, what happened at The Heart Party?

We had FUN. The Heart Wheel was the hot attraction of the evening. People were spinning the wheel with large smiles and great hopes to find out what their heart needed that night. For those who needed guidance interpreting one of the 16 messages, The HearttWorkers had inspiration to share.

We felt the LOVE. Explaining The HeartWorkers vision with words is a delicate challenge that the 2 founders did with precision & grace. When they explained what they meant by using ‘our brain as the servant to our heart’, they opened our hearts and our minds. And they made us want to book their online courses starting at the end of August and continuing through winter.

We gained CLARITY by tasting some of The HeartWorkers tools. Everyone was invited to practice an intuition & visualization workshop under the stars. People practiced telepathy & visualization methods effortlessly. They came up with totem animals for one another and got a glimpse of what collaborating with Elodie & Aurelie look like and feel like.

We connected to our INNER-PEACE through a sound healing session given by the magician Elodie Attias. Guided by Elodie’s voice, everyone was slowly releasing stress from their day, opening their hearts to new possibilities for themselves.

It was a joyful evening and a great way to reconnect with collective effervescence. People left feeling energized and inspired. We cannot wait to meet again and see what The HeartWorkers have prepared for us.

Until then, they asked us to spread the word about The HeartWorkers, the online courses and listen to the Heart Song every time we want to open our hearts. If you are interested, ask for a free meeting here.

Thank you,

Claire Poirault - Intern at The HeartWorkers

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