So Excited To Go Back To Work!

Dear Community,

Yesterday, I came back from a special vacation: 2 weeks in Alaska, lost in the wilderness of one of the most preserved places on earth. I feel regenerated, honored & privileged to have witnessed such beauty and I’m happy to share some recommendations. If you care to hear my Alaskan travel advice, send me a PM.

Today, I’m writing to my friends, my colleagues, my ex-colleagues, my family because I've never been as excited to get back to work and I need your help!

I’m starting a new venture with one of my favorite people: Elodie Attias. This project has been burgeoning in my heart for the last 5 years, and I've been dedicating most of my personal time to it!

So, enough chatting, this dear project is called The HeartWorkers. Our mission is to close the gap between our life desires (our true self) & our external reality. We have designed 4-week online courses for you to stop waiting and start living your best life now. If you join one of our courses, you’ll meet 2 dynamic women who lead with their hearts. You’ll meet 2 coaches & educators committed to helping you reconnect with your heart, while anchoring yourself in this current world’s reality. We are not escapers, we are heart thinkers & heart doers. We teach empathy, observation skills, emotional intelligence... and we will guide you on the steps towards freedom & joy on a daily basis.

All courses are a mix of:

- Rational & Heart thinking

- Practical & Ancient tools

- Known & yet to be known life lessons

Based on your experience of life, the practices may seem evident or uncomfortable, and we believe there is a lesson to learn in all situations that do not appear to be emotionally neutral. Together, we’ll explore how you feel about certain situations, how you react and how you may bring to life your best self in all circumstances. All courses are available in French & English. Learn more about The HeartWorkers Courses>

So, I told you that I needed your help... Because now that you know my secret, I am accountable in front of YOU. And because I know we are stronger together, you're making me more powerful and you're preventing me from hiding any longer.

So, how can you be helpful?

-Ask me difficult questions and expect clear answers about the work.

-Tell me your authentic thoughts, the ones that are difficult to tell and deeply rooted in your beliefs system.

-Celebrate what you think looks like a positive contribution to our current world.

-Test our model and tell us what works and what doesn’t work for you and/or for your collaborators!

We are offering FREE Courses for

HR Team Members.

If you think our courses could benefit your company or your team members, please spread the word. Share this post with your colleagues. Don't second guess it, this offer ends on August 20th. Only 5 spots Available!

Send us an email to qualify at:

Find out more information about:

The online courses here>

The HeartWorkers Founders here>

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Aurelie Brisac

Co-Founder of TheHeartWorkers

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