We Are Energy

Updated: May 14, 2021

We are co-creators of our external reality. We are co-creators because we create with our energy, our sensitivity, our sense of action, and WE also create with the energy of those around us, the invisible, the universe, the Creator our guides all the high consciousness lovers of human evolution, whatever resonates with you.

The external reality is the pure REFLECTION of our energy, our inner thoughts and emotions which also release energy. Therefore our DREAMT reality can only be created when it aligns with the exact vibratory correspondence of what we desire.

Everything, living or inanimate, is made up of energy. And everything has an energetic vibration. We are enriched or negatively affected by the energy of those around us. This energy has no boundaries and does not weaken with distance, for it is infinite and eternal.

It is therefore important to observe your energy at all times and to trust and protect it.

The energy also vibrates actively: sound therapy, crystal healing, are examples of healing with vibrational energies.

To attract what you want, to discover your true self and become autonomous, you must raise your personal vibration so that you are not left behind in the random sea of chance.

What can help you increase your frequency, your energy and bring you closer to your goals and DESIRES:

- Wearing crystals.

- Eat foods that have a positive energy resonance,

- Fresh fruits and vegetables Nuts Raw chocolate

- The positive energy of gratitude OR a good music playlist also takes your vibration to a higher level.

- When you write down your goals, your energy begins to vibrate closer to what you want.

If you surround yourself with high-vibration objects and have high-vibration thoughts of love, peace and compassion, you cannot help but attract similar energies.

Visualization is another valuable tool to elevate our energy.

Let's try: Feel one of your dreams now as IF you were living it now. How do you feel right now. It's happening. It's real. What are the details of your dreams. Have fun, it's happening. Don't judge yourself. Be creative. It is between you, your soul and the source that 'supreme' intelligence, God, the invisible.

May Peace grow as Seeds in our Heart.

The HeartWorkers.

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