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You Have Unlimited Resources

Updated: May 14, 2021

When we wake up in the morning and feel anxious, when suddenly a fear or a doubt arises, when we are about to change direction in our life and it’s overwhelming, there is a precious treasure always at our disposal to help us restore a feeling of peace and stillness in our life. This treasure is your own toolbox that will help you turn your agitated state into an inner journey.

When fears and doubts occupy your mind, know that it is always possible to reconnect yourself to a feeling of calm with the help of tools that can help your regain your power, positive energy and change our perceptions. But we need to become true explorers because there are as many toolboxes as people on Earth. You are unique so the tools that will help you switch your energy might not be the same tools that work for the people around you.

It’s not easy to be willing to take our attention away from our thinking mind and our feelings, to detach ourselves for an instant from our emotions, to observe ourselves critically yet lovingly. But once you make it a disciplined habit with a positive mindset you will be happy to look inside your toolbox and pick the best tool in the moment to calm your mind so you can gain more clarity by tapping into your intuition once again. Your toolbox will help you better recognize the subtle impulses from within.

Let’s create your toolbox now.