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Can you please introduce yourself, what you do, and what you're working on?


Certified life coach and creative visionary

Elodie Attias

My name is Elodie Attias. I’m an agent of change, empath, creative visionary, somatic and intuitive life coach, published author and sound healer. My passion is the evolution of human consciousness and I care to help people raise their vibration through their heart, compassion and acceptance. I currently coach individuals to restore their self-confidence, help them adapt to changes, improve their observation skills, connect with empathy and strengthen their intuitive abilities. And the truth is: Intuition & Humour saved my life. You can follow my story through the books below and find out more about how the US Green Card Lottery saved my life and how I overcame bone cancer:

The Lucky Card

We Are Heroes

Aurélie Brisac

Agent of change and creative leader

My name is Aurelie Brisac. I’m an agent of change and a creative innovator. I thrive when I lead innovation while staying connected to my heart. I currently bring my talents to the US public school system to provide students (from middle and high schools) with opportunities to develop the skills needed to thrive in an unknown future: effective communication, creativity, critical thinking & collective intelligence. I’m the mother of a beautiful little girl and I care to create a conscious world full of joy and freedom for her and for the generations to come.


We are The HeartWorkers. Born and raised in France, and now global citizens. Our innovative brand was born out of a desire to offer everyone concrete tools to reconnect with their hearts and to find inner peace. We decided to create The HeartWorkers in 2019 when we felt a calling to share our healing tools with the world. Elodie takes care of The HeartWorkers business activities in France and Aurelie in Los Angeles. Today we design and lead online courses in English and French to awaken people’s heart, mind and spirit and inspire them to become who they want to be. Our mental wellness programs are inspired by ontological and intuitive coaching, nonviolent communication, sound healing, color therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique... Each program is a mix of rational and heart thinking and is created to help everyone generate endless energy towards what they want to create and experience in their daily life. We designed our programs to help you: tap into your intuition, observe and co-create with endless energy, connect with others authentically, and decipher what your emotions are telling you!

How did you get started?

Our two personalities are very different and totally complementary. We share the same universal needs - as everyone does on planet earth - yet we use very different strategies to meet our needs - as everyone does on planet earth! Our distinct perspectives & tactics helped us better understand the world around us. Quickly after meeting each other in Los Angeles in 2015, we became therapists for one another and we started documenting and codifying the tools we were using to solve our daily challenges with humour, joy & creativity. A few years later, we were launching a brand: The HeartWorkers, a mix of workshops, meditations, sound therapy and online training & courses offered to access freedom & choice at all times.

What inspired the work that you're doing?

The joy we have while working together! Experiencing life with a conscious mind and following your joy is no easy task in the era we live in. We have to learn to quiet our mind to understand who we are and how to better ourselves. We must develop our ability to follow our heart and the light that guides us in order to gain clarity on our true purpose. Yet we ARE NOT taught these critical life skills in school at any level. It is our true purpose to pass along the keys that may unlock these powerful and underutilized life skills through our work as The HeartWorkers.

What is your biggest passion? Do you feel like you're living your passion and purpose?

YES, and we are only at the beginning of it!

Our passion is to learn, grow and vibrate the energy of love as much as we can. Our purpose is to spread love & light with humanity so that together we can awaken to a higher level of consciousness.

How do you live intentionally? Are there practices you rely on to help you stay mindful and grounded?

By observing our own thoughts, by giving empathy & love to ourselves, by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, by paying attention to our daily decisions, by being conscious that we have free will, by owning our feelings and by doing our best to express ourselves authentically. The more you express your true nature to the world, the more you’ll get rewarded for it. And when we have trouble meeting those standards we use a variety of meditation practices, breath-work and dance movements. But what is required to feel good and conscious about the self is not the same from person to person and from day to day. That’s why each of us needs to explore what works for ourselves, to connect to our inner-peace, to recognize our needs and to express them authentically.

What is your biggest dream?

To inspire as many people as possible to keep their hearts open so that they can access self-knowledge and connect with others authentically. In other words, let the world realize that 2 hearts trying to understand each other are more intelligent than 2 brains trying to be right. And day after day, creating space for collaboration to replace competition.

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