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Start Dating Yourself
21-Day Challenge

This program is a self-coaching solution to help you reconnect with your body intelligence. Every day, develop a new habit of presence and self-awareness. Harness the power of your emotions & sensations to gain clarity and productivity. 


How? By practicing 15 min a day

RELAX - detach & observe your body language

FEEL - welcome & transcend your emotional triggers

TRUST - allow & stabilize your self-growth

What for? To relax & elevate your discernment 

To make better decisions for yourself and your team. Give yourself the chance to enhance the quality of your relationships with yourself and others. 

Why does it work?

- Our nervous system can be rewired Deb Dana 

- To be rewired our nervous system requires a mental & body print  Amanda Blake

- On average, humans need 66 days to form a new habit: Neuroplasticity Psychology Study

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