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Available in French & english


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In 4 simple steps, learn how to stop overreacting and be intentional about everything you are, you say and you do. One goal in mind: access freedom and joy on a daily basis.




In 4 steps, learn how to  develop self-confidence and manifest your goals, without exception. One core vision: learn how to access clarity & inner-ressources at all times.

Red Light


- Rational & heart thinking

- Practical tools to gain clarity 

- Ingredients to follow your growth path

“Our mission is to discover our true nature and generate optimal coherence 

between our inner and outer reality.” 

The HeartWorkers


Julien C.

"The experience offered by The Heartworkers is unique and extremely enriching!

It allows you to learn a lot about yourself. It offers a different outlook on life. A positive, generous & compassionate one.


I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see life more clearly and is ready to open up to themselves, to others and to the world in general. 


The HeartWorkers provided priceless insights which I put to immediate use even after our first session together! highly recommend this work (and it is work) to any and everyone!"

Jessica F.

"I followed the "free yourself to be you" course with Elodie and Aurélie with great enthusiasm. They are both exceptionally professional and generous, and very complementary. The training, which cleverly alternates theory and practice, allows you to acquire tools to learn to know yourself, but also to find within yourself and not outside the strength and resources necessary for your personal fulfillment.


When you leave the course, you will be carried away by a surge of compassion for yourself, and therefore for others! Highly recommended."

Courtney B.

"Aurelie and Elodie are such blessings to the universe! I could not stop smiling in their presence. through their month-long course, I learned such a rich tapestry of magnificent tools and nuggets of wisdom; much of which I now carry with me throughout my daily interactions: both with myself and with others.


It has enriched my relationships and helped me infuse conversations with thoughtfulness and empathy. as tough situations arise, we always have a choice in the way in which we will react. more often than not, our default mode of reaction leads us astray in these difficult moments, though we have a choice."

This is for you,

if you care to...

Connect with your deep inner joy

Learn from your emotions

Stop reacting & be intentional

Reach a higher level of potential

Experience your best life daily

Feel empowered by your choices

Leverage a heart first thinking approach

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