About Us

‘We capture Love and Compassion in a jar on a daily basis.'

We are french. We are citizens of the world. We are educators, coaches.

We take life seriously, more than we take ourselves seriously.

The HeartWorkers Elodie Attias

Elodie Attias

ONTOLOGICAL & SOMATIC & INTUITIVE COACH – Coached hundreds of people helping them bring coherence between Body & Emotions & Language and consider their intuition as a primary guidance system. Newfield Network ICF Accredited, USA | The Power of Embodied Transformation 2022, ICF Accredited, USA.


CONSCIOUS LEADER - Co-founded COR By HeartWorkers for people to connect with their feeling-self and develop their extrasensory perception. Created a new kind of One-Woman Show to teach consciousness with humor to birth a new consciousness on Earth.


RELAXATION EXPERT – Led guided meditations to help people relax and connect to their healing abilities. Certified Sound Healer-Restorative Yoga-Yoga Nidra |

16 k downloads on Insight Timer. 


STORYTELLER – Published Author “The Lucky Card/We are Heroes” & Screenwriter "The Lottery Girl" telling how winning the US Green Card Lottery saved my life by discovering on time I had bone cancer.

BUSINESS Background – MBA SDA Bocconi & 8 years Intrapreneurship within Attias Group - Family Business in the Fashion Industry.

The HeartWorkers Aurelie Brisac

Aurélie Brisac

HEARTFUL CREATOR - Co-founded COR By HeartWorkers for people to unlock their power of learning by connecting to their internal ressources. Trained on Reiki, Non Violent Communication & the Quantum Human.

CHANGE EXPERT - Led the EdTech innovation team at Green Dot Public Schools throughout the challenges of the pandemic, closing the opportunity gap for 11,000 students through mindfulness & collaborative coaching.

MINDFUL EDUCATOR - Built a 21st Century Skills Innovation Lab in underserved communities of LA, where gang members are hanging out with high potentials and where the only resource available is: none. 

DIGITAL LEADER - Created the global digital content department at Clarins for result-oriented user experience through highly compassionate online spaces. Previously: Clarins International Trainer.